Understanding the Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report (Pt. 1)

Many people do not realize that the order in which the police officer lists drivers on the Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Accident Report indicates who the officer thinks was at fault for the accident. Officers are trained to list the driver they believe was “at fault” as “Driver 1” on the Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle […]

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Marietta

Have you been injured by a negligent or careless driver in a motorcycle accident?  If so, you may be facing a number of stressful questions you don’t have answers to, including: Who will pay for your medical expenses? How will your motorcycle be replaced? What kind of settlement can you expect to receive from your […]

Marietta Personal Injury Attorney

Have you recently experienced a situation where you have suffered a personal injury as a result of someone else’s careless or negligence?  Depending on the severity of your injury, you are experiencing a number of stresses and might be wondering how you’re going to manage: Medical bills Lost income Emotional trauma Physical pain and suffering […]

Marietta Car Accident Lawyer Helping You Receive a Fair Legal Outcome

Have you been injured by a careless or negligent driver in the Marietta, GA area?  If so, Marietta car accident attorney Ryan Strickland can help you win your case. He has helped thousands of car accident victims like you successfully win their cases, ranging in severity from a broken finger to catastrophic internal injuries and […]

Marietta Accident Attorney

Unfortunately, when another careless or negligent driver harms you in an accident, they rarely want to take responsibility for their actions.  At times, it’s the responsible driver’s insurance company that won’t accept responsibility.  While this is beyond frustrating, you don’t have to take it, and Marietta accident lawyer Ryan Strickland can help you receive the […]

Experienced Marietta Truck Accident Attorney

With nearly 10 years of experience helping clients in a full range of cases, Marietta truck accident Attorney Ryan Strickland possesses the legal skills to help you receive maximum compensation for your physical injuries and damages.  As a member of the State Bar of Georgia, he’s also been appointed as a mentor for beginning personal […]

Car Accident Lawyer in Marietta

Attorney Ryan Strickland has been practicing in personal injury law for nearly 10 years, and has helped thousands of clients just like you win their cases during that time.  A professional with the highest level of commitment, he has been featured and quoted in publications such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Seattle Times, Washington Post, and […]