The Insurance Company Says That They Are Only Required to “Cover Losses for Which Their Insured Is Liable” – Now What Can I Do?

First, call an injury lawyer immediately. Here’s a little information to help you understand what is happening.

In order to succeed in an injury claim, among other things, you must prove that the other person was the cause of your auto accident, also known as proving “liability.” If you can’t prove this, then you are not allowed to recover any amount, no matter how severe your injuries may be. It is because of this rule that Georgia insurance companies are always looking for a reason to argue that their insured driver was not liable for an accident.

If you do not have a lawyer, you are probably not going to receive any settlement offer from the insurance company in this situation.

However, an experienced injury lawyer can help you. Often the insurance company will stand behind their driver’s version of how the accident occurred – no matter how unlikely or far-fetched. An experienced injury lawyer can investigate the facts of your accident and demonstrate to the insurance company that a jury would more likely believe your version of the accident, holding the other driver responsible.

If an insurance company has denied that their insured was “liable for your loss,” do not wait another minute. Call the experienced injury attorneys of The Strickland Firm at 1-844-GA-JUSTICE.