Marietta Truck Accident Lawyer


Unfortunately, innocent motorists are often the victims of accidents caused by careless or negligent truck drivers.  Fortunately, Ryan Strickland, a truck accident lawyer in Marietta, possesses nearly 10 years of experience helping clients like you receive the just legal compensation they deserve.

He has handled the full range of truck accident cases in terms of both severity and notoriety.  Recently, he helped clients win cases for $150,000 for a broken finger and $450,000 for severe internal injuries.  In addition, he’s won several million dollar cases for a variety of clients.

If you need the help of a truck accident attorney in Marietta, contact Ryan Strickland at (770) 420-9900 or use this online contact form.

Extensive Legal Background Serving Truck Accident Victims

As a Marietta truck accident lawyer, Attorney Strickland has previous experience serving as a partner at a firm specializing in truck accident suits.  This experience gives him unique insight into helping you identify the details that can win your case.

His goal as a Marietta truck accident lawyer is to help you receive the fair legal compensation you deserve.  If at any point you are contacted by the truck driver’s insurance company, do not speak with them.  Their goal is to get you to settle for as little money as possible, or to get you to make statements that can destroy your case in court.

Instead, contact Marietta truck accident attorney Ryan Strickland to receive sound legal advice based on thousands of successfully resolved cases.  Many of his clients are impressed with his ability to help them obtain amounts at or above their original goal, while many others appreciate the speed with which their case is solved.

Mr. Strickland offers free consultations, and you pay nothing until your case is settled or won.  If you think you have a valid truck accident suit, contact Marietta truck accident lawyer Ryan Strickland at (770) 420-9900 or by using this online form.